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Location and Contact Info: 102 Spruce Place Penticton BC, Canada V2A 8V9 (250) 493-7829 (stay) Or Toll Free: (888) 493-7829 (STAY)



Skaha Climbing Bluffs
Within a 2 minute drive from Above the Beach B&B one can access one of the top sport climbing areas in North America.
There are over 700 bolted climbs on Gneiss type rock, ranging from 5.4 to 5.13 with pitches from one half to two (roughly 30 feet to 200 feet) and may be enjoyed from the novice right on up to the expert climber.Although injuries are rare, all participants, whether male or female, are advised to be in good health, both mentally and physically.An expert instructor and guide will give a lesson and supply all gear, including boots for an approximate cost of $95.00 a day per person in Canadian funds.Sport climbers from Europe and indeed, from around the world have not only praised the diversity and challenge of these Skaha Bluffs, but have marveled at the beauty of the surroundings in which they are located.The best time in the year to enjoy this exciting sport is between April and October.



Apex Mountain Resort

A 30 minute drive from downtown Penticton over a well maintained and paved roadway is about all the time required to arrive at one of the most exciting and challenging ski areas in the Pacific North West. Among several chairlifts is a high speed Quad which will transport the skiers from a 5,000 foor base to about the 7,000 foot level. Among a variety of 56 ski runs are slopes which are both pleasurable to the novice and a challenge to the expert. Depending upon the arrival of snow, the ski season starts about December 1st and continues through till about the end of March. Snow blowers help maintain a good base.


Wind Surfing
On most days between mid March and mid November the wind blows at various degrees of velocity and is especially strong during both Spring and Fall. Since there is no industry at water's edge in the immediate are the possibility of hitting a partially submerged object is almost nill. Although the water in Springtime is quite chilly, the hot summer months leave the water much warmer than most lakes, during September though to mid November. Since our weather is usually clear and brisk, conditions are excellent for the novice and can be a real challenge for the professional.

  Bird Watching
The City of Penticton lies within a 70 square mile area, which many consider to be one of the Bird Watching hot spots of North America. An abundance of water in the valley floor along with a large number of springs in the surrounding mountains plus a moderate climate makes this an ideal area wherein some 200 species, including everything from the Bald Eagle down to the Calliope Hummingbird, come to nest and proliferate.
Another 100 species arrive in the spring and fall as they migrate either to the North or South. Each year in May, Penticton is host to The Meadowlark Festival.
  Ironman Canada
One of the comparatively few Ironman Triathlons around the world is held in Penticton close to the last Sunday in August The 4,000 volunteers who are at strategic stations throughout the 112 mile course who offer everything from encouragement to medical help, are a major factor contributing to the growing popularity of the race. Much of the running portion is alongside Skaha Lake while the bike portion is extended along a roadway which passes many more lakes, between orchards, through cattle country and climbs about 2,000 feet as it goes through Richter Pass. About 1,700 athletes in the 1998 race, representing some 35 countries endeavored to come close or beat record times of about 9 hours covering the 2.4 mile swim, the 112 mile bike and 26.6 mile run.

  The Kettle Valley Railway
The Kettle Valley Rail Line was built in the early 1900's and required some of the most advanced engineering techniques in North America during its construction.
Although the roadbed has not been paved, thousands of walkers, hikers, cyclists and bird watchers enjoy the beautiful scenery, tunnels, trestles, camping areas and fishing lakes along the 57 miles from Penticton to the North and East. The trestles in the Myra Canyon area have been protected with guard rails. The line elevates from 1,100 feet in Penticton to about the 4,000 foot level within a distance of approximately 30 miles. Semiwilderness prevails throughout.
  Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory
The Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory was built in 1960 at a site 20 minutes from Penticton. Chosen after a Canada-wide search, the site is ringed by hills which block the interfering signals that human activity can generate. Here, big dish telescopes scan the skies night and day, picking up signals from material between the stars; the images made in this way complement the findings of the optical star gazers more familiar to most of us. In nearly 40 years of work, the Observatory has built unique telescopes, which have opened new windows on astronomy. Important programs now in progress include a detailed mapping of a big part of the Milky Way, and a constant monitoring of the Sun. A walk of a quarter of a mile gives visitors access to an information centre which explains where the Observatory fits in to worldwide astronomical research. Guided tours are available between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. every Sunday during July and August. For more information on this facility, operated by the National Research Council of Canada, phone (250) 490-4355.




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